Toronto’s Blood in the Snow announces short film program

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The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival is proud to announce its lineup for its BITS Short Showcase program playing Friday November 28th at 9:30 p.m. The lineup includes premieres of seven short films of the best Canadian genre shorts to be made this year. Last year’s prime time program was a huge hit selling out and adding a second screening.

For descriptions and trailers click here.

The remaining four features and the eight short films that will open all the features will be announced November 1st at Toronto’s HORROR-RAMA convention, with presentations running November 1st and 2nd.

Early bird festival passes ($65) and select individual tickets ($11) are on sale now here. For more, visit Blood in the Snow on Facebook.

M is for Madame-Kali (2013) – Director: Jazz Virk

Title: M is for Madame-Kali
Year: 2013
Country: Canada/UK
Director: Jazz Virk
Writer: Jazz Virk
Producers: Dov Weiss, Jazz Virk, Swarit Jajal, Vandana Sidhu, James Antonio
Director of Photography: Nigel Akam

Plot Summary: A woman’s revenge is Kali Ma, the Hindu goddess of death and destruction.

Virk’s latest piece raises awareness about violence against women. The story is inspired by and is dedicated to Jyoti Singh Pandey, India’s ‘New Delhi gang rape victim’ who was brutally raped and murdered in 2012.

This short was submitted as part of the ABCs of Death 2 26th Director Search. Learn more here. A longer version of the film will be coming out in Winter/Spring 2014.

One Last Dive, a short film – Part of VICE AND ‘THE CONJURING’ PRESENT “THE 3:07 AM PROJECT”

Four directors create short horror films inspired by the devil’s hour in VICE and The Conjuring’s The 3:07 AM Project. Mission was to make a 1min 1 shot POV of something scary happening at 3:07am. See all at

Here’s one:

Title: One Last Dive
Year: 2013
Country: Canada
Written, Directed & Edited: Jason Eisener
Producer: Rob Cotterill
Production Company: A Yer Dead Inc. Production

Follow Jason Eisner on Tumblr at Welcome to Fuck Town

To Hell, with Love (2013) – Director: Gavin Michael Booth

Title: To Hell, with Love
Year: 2013
Country: Canada
Director: Gavin Michael Booth
Writer: Gavin Michael Booth
Producer: Gavin Michael Booth, Sarah Booth, Kelly Chmilar
Production Company: Mimetic Entertainment

To Hell, with Love premiered April 14, 2013 at the Reelworld Film Festival in Toronto as an official selection. It’s also showing at this year’s Fantasia International Festival in Montreal. More details at:

Plot Summary:

Dr. Desai is desperate to prove the existence of an afterlife. Unfortunately for one feisty prostitute, Cheri, his obsession will become her nightmare in a battle for survival.

How to Rid of Your Lover of Negative Emotion Caused By You! (2010) – Director: Nadia Litz

Title: How to Rid of Your Lover of Negative Emotion Caused By You!
Year: 2010
Country: Canada
Director: Nadia Litz
Writer: Ryan Cavan
Producer: Daniel Bekerman, Heather K. Dahlstrom
Director of Photography: Daniel Grant
Production Company: Scythia Films

Plot Summary:

Sadie and Dennis are a couple in love. Sometimes. Sometime they fight. Sometimes they get angry. It is becoming very difficult for Sadie to keep chloroforming her boyfriend, cutting open his stomach, removing the negative emotion, sewing him back up, and then pretending like nothing happened.

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Sebastian’s Voodoo (2008) – Director: Joaquin Baldwin

Title: Sebastian’s Voodoo
Year: 2008
Country: USA
Director: Joaquin Baldwin
Writer: Joaquin Baldwin
Producer: Joaquin Baldwin
Production Company: Pixel Nitrate

Plot Summary:

A voodoo doll must find the courage to save his friends from being pinned to death.

Short film by Joaquin Baldwin followed by Skype Q&A by Short Indies and Small & Creepy Films

Click (2010) – Director: William Prince

Title: Click
Year: 2010
Country: United Kingdom
Director: William Prince
Writer: William Prince
Producer: Tony Dixon, Kate O’Hara, Catherine Jeffrey
Production Company: UK Film Council and Screen Yorkshire

Plot Summary:

At the end of a long day, five children look to fill in the remaining hours of sunlight before they return home. Bored, and looking for a new playground, they enter an imposing, decaying building that has been empty for years. Abandoned and distressed, the building stands alone in its surroundings. No other buildings dare approach. A warning to visitors the children should have noticed as one by one they discover why we are afraid of the dark.

Cargo (2013) – Director: Ben Howling & Yolanda Ramke

Title: Cargo
Year: 2013
Country: Australia
Director: Ben Howling & Yolanda Ramke
Writer: Yolanda Ramke
Producer: Ben Howling, Yolanda Ramke, Marcus Newman & Daniel Foeldes
Production Company: Dreaming Tree Productions

Plot Summary:

Stranded in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, a man sets in motion an unlikely plan to protect the precious cargo he carries: his infant daughter.

I Love Sarah Jane (2008) – Director: Spencer Susser

Title: I Love Sarah Jane
Year: 2008
Country: Australia
Director: Spencer Susser
Writer: David Michôd, Spencer Susser
Production Company: Aquarius Films
Funded by: Qoob

Plot Summary:

A bunch of teenagers in a ghost town, full of death and desolation, where adults have turned into zombies. Among them, stands Jimbo (Brad Ashby), madly in love with Sarah Jane (Mia Wasikowska). This is the second short film (the first being Spider) funded by Qoob. Directed by Spencer Susser, who also co-wrote the script with Australian author/director David Michod, this film has been selected in major festivals across the world (among which Sundance ’08) and won 4 prizes so far.