Seven Reasons Why Most Horror Directors Aren’t Reaching Crowdfunding Goals

As seen on Dread Central.

Even well known directors with high profile projects and fans who are loyal and generous are failing to meet their crowdfunding goals. Why? Jeff C. Stevenson offers up seven tips that all filmmakers should abide by before they consider crowdfunding their film.

Number 7:  Know the 30% rule. In crowdfunding, momentum is king—and key. That’s why you want to have your “base” behind you before you post the project. Stats show that if you launch and 30% of your goal is quickly pledged within the first week, you have a 90% chance of reaching your target. And this 30% comes from the contacts you’ve cultivated two months before your product was launched. So remember: Campaigns that obtain 30% of their goal within the first week are more likely to succeed.

What happens if you haven’t reached 30% of your goal in the first week? Do you continue on or pull the plug and start over? Stats show that depending on the platform used, it’s estimated that only 14% to 40% of crowdfunding efforts succeed in reaching their goals. So most fail, and if you do, you’re not alone. Try again—just be sure to follow the above seven guidelines, and you’ll have a much better chance at reaching your funding goals.

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